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Accelerate Into the Curve: 5 Ways to Get More Sales Traction in 2018

Accelerate Into the Curve: 5 Ways to Get More Sales Traction in 2018

Does your marketing and sales momentum slow down at the end of the year?  2018 is just around the bend but don’t be tempted to take your foot off the pedal.  Accelerating into the curve is proven to give drivers the extra traction needed to navigate tight curves.  Do the same with your marketing and give your sales extra momentum heading into the New Year.

2018 will be a year of convergence for digital marketing, bringing together data, automation, and innovative technology that has only recently become available.  And the tools you’ll need will cost you less than your cable bill.

Here are 5 lead generation trends to help you accelerate your marketing into the curve:

#1 Instantly Know Who Visited Your Website

More than 98% of the people who visit your website leave without a trace.  For sales staff, Google Analytics and other web trackers are useless, providing page views, location data, and zero personal information.

For less than you probably spend on Starbucks each month, you can integrate a powerful new tool with your Google Analytics data that will instantly tell you the names of companies visiting your site, plus the closest LinkedIn contacts to you.  Oh, and it can reveal the e-mail addresses of visitors.

Knowing who is visiting your site and what pages they are interested in allows your sales staff to be proactive, rather than waiting on the phone to ring.

#2 Data Driven E-mail Marketing

Do more with your e-mail list than sending an occasional newsletter or one-off campaign.  Unlock the power of automation to turn hit and miss campaigns into a lead generation engine.

Creating a “drip” e-mail campaign is powerful in two important ways.  First, it lets you build out an entire series of e-mails to send to targeted segments of your marketing list, putting e-mail marketing on autopilot.  Second, valuable data is generated as the campaign runs, such as open and click rate, which can guide your sales team in proactively contacting leads.  With the right tool, e-mail automation can even adapt on the fly based on recipient behavior, such as sending more information on a specific product that was clicked don.

#3 Hooking CRM Up With Your Marketing Tools

All too often, your marketing data is scattered across different systems – e-mail, website data, social media, and CRM – without a cohesive view of your audience and marketing performance.

Does your company have a marketing and sales data integration strategy? Integrate marketing and sales tools with a common dataset to give your sales team real-time intelligence on leads, such as instantly knowing which Google ad generated a conversion or understanding the behavior of a specific website visitor.  Armed with information, sales staff are better equipped to leverage opportunities as they evolve.

#4 Precision Advertising Using Social Profile Data

Consider the amount of personal data Facebook collects on its members: age, gender, interests, and location data.  LinkedIn captures even more data points, including job title (past and present), industry, seniority, academic degrees, and the list goes on.

Whether you are selling to consumers or businesses, your potential clients are on Facebook and LinkedIn right now.  Tap into the wealth of data each platform offers advertisers to target exactly the audience you want.  Plus, with features like LinkedIn’s new lead generation forms, it is easier than ever to capture leads.

#5 Training Google Search to Love Your Content

Building a great website without considering SEO is like building a storefront in the middle of the desert and expecting people to know where to go.  You need to put up lots of road signs that tell Google where to send people when they search for your products or services.

SEO is an art and a science, but the best rule of thumb is to write authentic content that does not attempt to manipulate Google, which can penalize you for trying.  Rather, follow a few best practices with how you write your content and build links to it and Google will reward your site with higher rankings on the keywords that matter the most to your business.

Where the Road Meets the Rubber

The pattern here is all about convergence.  Google Analytics data is merging with third party tools that merge with CRM and other data.  Companies that can tap into this ecosystem of data and automation tools are well poised to hit 2018 running and with their lead generation machine on full throttle.

Ben Parker

Ben brings 20 years of marketing and public relations experience to Stratos and its clients. His journey spans startups, service providers, software, and high tech. Along the way, Ben has earned a reputation for defining strategies, creating pragmatic solutions and leading teams.

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