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Put Lead Generation on Autopilot with E-mail Automation

Put Lead Generation on Autopilot with E-mail Automation

Could your business use more leads in the sales funnel or benefit from higher sales conversion? Chances are your sales team is overworked handling the accounts already on their list with little time to spare chasing down, qualifying, and nurturing new leads.

Put your lead generation on autopilot and bring in your heavy hitter salesperson at just the right moment. E-mail continues to be the most cost-effective and measurable way your organization can generate leads and improve conversion. And e-mail automation is the power tool that never takes a coffee break or goes on vacation.

Start Your Lead Generation Engine

It happens almost every time – your staff return from a tradeshow or event with a handful of business cards then spend hours building a spreadsheet and following-up one-on-one with contacts. The same goes for your webinar registrations, newsletter subscribers, and website contacts. You’ve got a list of e-mail addresses and little clue as to which ones are truly qualified leads.

E-mail automation, sometimes called drip marketing, can qualify your leads while you sleep. An automated e-mail series is perfect for everyone involved. Contacts receive regularly scheduled e-mails about your products or services without sales cold calling them while letting your sales staff focus on the prospects they already have. Combined with relevant messages and clear calls to action, an automated e-mail campaign can be a lead generating engine.

Convert More Prospects with Automation

Do you offer prospects a free evaluation of your product? This might include software trials, proofs of concept, or free samples. E-mail automation can do the heavy lifting for sales during product evaluation periods by sending prospects tips, tutorials, and product insights. This approach lets you standardize what you communicate while increasing usage and getting prospects invested in your product so they will buy it.

There are a lot of moving parts to an e-mail automation campaign. Let Stratos write, configure, and manage all of your e-mail marketing. We’ll work with you through building and cleaning your list, segmenting your list into key audiences, and creating effective e-mails series.

Ben Parker

Ben brings 20 years of marketing and public relations experience to Stratos and its clients. His journey spans startups, service providers, software, and high tech. Along the way, Ben has earned a reputation for defining strategies, creating pragmatic solutions and leading teams.

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