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Public Relations

4 Habits of Highly Effective PR

Has your company’s story ever been featured in an industry magazine or online publication? Landing an interview, having reporters write about you, and contributing a co-authored article with a client – these are some of the outcomes you should expect from public relations.  However, earning media coverage requires more than a press release.

Media opportunities are gold when it comes to building awareness of your company and offerings. And the credibility you generate through media coverage can be cashed in when it comes to closing sales, recruiting employees, and attracting investors. To be noticed by the media your PR efforts should focus on a few best practices:

  1. Start with real news – Reporters look for facts, numbers, and interesting stories relevant to their audience. While you might want to consider writing a press release for your new office location, reporters are likely to be interested in more newsworthy stories, like company or product launch, client case studies, survey results, mergers & acquisitions, and fund raising.
  2. Pick the right distribution – Distributing your news release by BusinessWire, PRNewswire, or PRWeb makes sense for some stories, but in many cases, it is a shotgun approach to reaching media. More often than not, you can reach reporters directly yourself or through an agency. And your press release is still “official” even if you post to your company website or social media channel.
  3. Reach out and be relevant – Reporters and editorial staff are flooded with headlines every day. To stand out from the crowd, you need to do more than send media a press release. Be focused and identify the industry and local media that are relevant to your news, and then take the time to reach out and explain why reporters should be interested in your company’s story.
  4. Stay on the radar – Not every press release will create buzz. Even with the biggest story, that magazine you want to be featured in may not have room in their next issue. News cycle plays a huge role in whether your story will be covered, but most reporters will file your release away and often come back to it months later. Consistent news releases and relevant stories will help your company stay on the radar and increase your media opportunity chances.

Our experience at Stratos is that more than 75% of media opportunities – interviews, contributed articles, editorial coverage, etc. – come through reaching media directly with relevant news and only 25% from wire services. That’s how we recently generated multiple opportunities from a client’s press release, including an online exclusive article with an industry magazine, TV interview, an editorial piece with an online magazine, and a customer co-authored article.

Let Stratos write your next press release and see what media opportunities we can generate together.